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Here at EWB Ucalgary, we have six (6) hardworking and collaborative ventures that contribute to the chapter's success. Advocacy, Communications, Evolving Engineering, Fair Trade, Finance & Fundraising, and Member Learning ventures all are vital to EWB here at the University of Calgary, and all bring a diverse and informative aspect to the club.

Advocacy Venture

The purpose of EWB Advocacy is to give prominence to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to showcase ways that individuals can become aware of and work to achieve the goals outlined by the UN and create actionable change in our local community and beyond. Whether that is providing the wider audience with accessible information, holding several online events pertaining to certain SDGs, or highlighting simple ways people can contribute to creating a better and more sustainable future for all. Through our ambitions and drive for systemic progress, we hope to instill genuine and lasting change within our local communities and beyond.

Communications Venture

The primary purpose of EWB’s Communication Team is to effectively promote the club through newsletters, social media, and campus posters. It is the venture’s responsibility to inform, update, and support other EWB ventures’ events or projects by communicating through Discord and advertising online and in person. The team will also work on improving the members’ communication in terms of connecting with other clubs, potential sponsors, and the student body to gain more confidence in communicating in a more professional setting.

Evolving Engineering Venture

The goal of this venture is to foster greater awareness and understanding of sustainable engineering and development. The manner in which this will be conducted is by giving students regular opportunities to get involved in this field. Through the guest speaker events, students will be able to gain greater exposure to the current ongoing research that the University is undertaking in that field. Meanwhile, case competitions provides students a hands-on opportunity to solve a current ongoing problem within the field of sustainability.

Fair Trade Venture

For the upcoming academic year, the Fair Trade Venture plans to inform students, within and outside of EWB, about what we stand for, and how purchasing products that are Fair-Trade positively impacts people around the globe. We also strive to collaborate with other ventures within EWB, as well as the Office of Sustainability for ongoing projects and initiatives. This will be made possible through effective communication, and thorough planning and preparation. The aim of these projects is primarily to increase general awareness in students, while also engaging them and encouraging them to support this cause.

Fundraising & Finance Venture

The fundraising and finance team this year seeks to enable and fund the other ventures in the chapter. By effectively communicating with the various venutes of engineers without borders we are able to create budgets and make plans on how to aid and fund the chapter. We aspire to consistently raise enough money to meet our goals and to ultimately enable our chapter to do its job of sparking change and inspiring others. This team is essential in order for this chapter to run successfully and its impact on our community. Money will be raised through fundraising events, school funding programs, scholarships, and donations. We will then effectively budget and distribute these funds to the various ventures by effectively communicating with the other teams. 

Member Learning Venture

The Member Learning venture increases social discourse within the chapter and Active and engaging Team meetings, a bonding session every semester will get  chapter members to know each other better. Member Learnings can feature venture presentations (recruitment) , guest presentations, or can be facilitated by the Member Learning lead. In order to achieve these objectives, Member Learnings will be held consistently throughout the academic year in discussing a variety of topics in order to address a diverse audience. Member Learnings will be held monthly or bi-weekly throughout the year. At the end of the year, the venture would have facilitated unique conversations and discussions within the chapter and contributed towards increasing a sense of community.

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